Hill Drive

Car Pou. Hill drive game.

Taking advantage of the latest update for Pou that includes a car, they took the opportunity to add another game to the long list of existing minigames. Hill Drive, the new game for Pou is here.

He returned to being a game in side-scrolling whose operation is based on press left or right side of your screen, to make the car to accelerate or brake respectively. The goal of the game is to get as far as possible, but this is not an easy task. Our car is quite unstable and terrain is very rough. We must arm ourselves of patience and skill to get that Pou does not tip over and has a fatal traffic accident.

With the passage of time and after spending a few good coins you can change car model for Pou and improve some of its features such as speed or suspension, making Hill Drive a little bit more easy for us and we are able to obtain higher scores with Pou.

Get in the car with Pou and drive throw the world.

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  1. How com we can only get up to 212 on the hill drive, but when we look at high scores, there are Pous that are up to 999 on the hill drive???

    1. I wish I knew, I've been trying for ages and I can only get up to 250.