Update your Pou with Android

Lately do not stop get news in the form of update for Pou. The new room where Pou can speak, new food, clothing or some mini-games such as Connect Pou make many of you want to have these new qualities in the game. The problem is that not everyone knows how to update the game. We get some comments that directly asks about how get the Hall or the new mini-games.
It is normal that we have internet connection in your phone permanently and have activated Google Play us alert updates of all our applications. In this case just we need to view the notice and follow the instructions.

But of course, there is who does not have that connection to the internet and lives of any Wi-Fi signal. In this case we need to call us directly to Google Play. In the Search tab "Pou" we scored and we head to the downloadable version of the application. If we already have it installed will give us the option to "Upgrade". Click it and follow the instructions, and... we will have our Pou abreast with latest innovations. All play with our favorite mascot.

If you want to download or update Pou using Android go here.


  1. Thanks for advice, you think touse games with Pou are ok?

  2. Nice tip. Did you know you can play Pou also on PC? http://www.pougametips.com/pou-for-pc