The lie about the sons of Pou

Pou children

It comes much talking about the possibility that our beloved Pou may have children. It sounds good that can take care of a little Pou at the same time, but for now it is simply not possible. Pou has no children.
Some say that he has succeeded, that accumulated 50 or 100 poops at the end up becoming one smaller. Many of you have bothered to try unsuccessfully to later seek help online, asking how it is possible that this trick does not work on your Pou... It is simple, it can't be,it's a fake, an urban legend. At least for now, while not advertised as a novelty in any updates, Pou cannot have children.

As you can see in the photo I have accumulated many, even I do not know the number, but I've been without removing anyone of them during 6 months... sure there are more than 50, or more than 100. Don't try it, it is a waste of time, although you never know if in the future will be a new addition to the game.

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  1. It's posible when you are 100 level. I know it becouse my friend's pou have got a children. It isn't a fake