Pou's microphone doesn't work properly

Pou microphone

Some timeago the developers gave Pou the ability to speak repeating what we say, but it seems that Pou microphone does not always work. Is there any solution?
Already discussed in the past of how works exactly, the microphone on, speak to the phone and the icon vibrate intermittently is signal that is taking us the sound. At that moment is when Pou was repeating what we said, if we had enabled multimedia volume.

But that goes through these times that we speak to the phone and this does nothing? It is not known very well which is the error, simply does not work always. The only thing that we have tested and that it has served to bring it back to capture our voice is to close the application. It is not enough to exit to the main menu of your phone by pressing the Center key of the smartphone. Once in the main menu we should go to the application manager and forcing the closure of Pou. We now return to start the application and the microphone should function again.

Remember having saved your Pou with your email account, we could lose forever our favorite mascot if we don't do this in the right way.

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