Hill Drive

Car Pou. Hill drive game.

Taking advantage of the latest update for Pou that includes a car, they took the opportunity to add another game to the long list of existing minigames. Hill Drive, the new game for Pou is here.

New update for Pou. The car and a new game.

New update for Pou. New Car and hill drive

We almost forget when was the last update for Pou, now there are some news about this Android app. And this time it brings two great innovations that will make us play more with Pou. Do you like driving games? Lucky you. ;)

Dress up your Pou with ninja outfit

Smart ninja for pou

Your Pou is not only a virtual pet with a friendly face, can be a warrior too. To help you in this what better to dress up ninja outfit for Pou?

Black Pou

Black skin for pou

We already talked about how to unlock white Pou. The process wasn't too much hard but this time you will need to play lot of times to a more dificult game to get black skin for Pou.

How to unlock bee outfit?

unlock bee skin pou

There are some special outfits hard to get for Pou. This time we are talking about black and yellow bee skins. Are you good enough playing Pou Sounds?

New oufits, ladybug and butterfly

Pou ladybug and butterfly

Do not stop get news to Pou, the last two new outfits for our favorite virtual pet.

Pou store is here

The Zakeh team has decided to create a shop in which the virtual pet buy Pou-related articles. T-shirts, mugs, phone covers and other curious items can reach our hands in Exchange for a few dollars.
Pou Store website is simple and intuitive and we will not be difficult to guide us through it. Even though its only downside is that the image of the products does not seem too much quality and the price is not exactly "cheap.

Anyway we invite you to take a look. Perhaps there is something that interests you.

Pou's microphone doesn't work properly

Pou microphone

Some timeago the developers gave Pou the ability to speak repeating what we say, but it seems that Pou microphone does not always work. Is there any solution?

The lie about the sons of Pou

Pou children

It comes much talking about the possibility that our beloved Pou may have children. It sounds good that can take care of a little Pou at the same time, but for now it is simply not possible. Pou has no children.

Sky Hop Pou

Pou game

Comes a new mini-game to Pou, Sky Hop. Where will be able to get?

The safe way to download Pou

Downloading Pou

Many people just don't know the way to reach the apps markets for smartphones. Therefore, that the easy way to download Pou is simply go to his official website.

Pou can talk

Speaking PouPossibly greater novelty that has brought the latest update by Zakeh is to make Pou talk. How? It is very simple.

A bathroom for Pou

Shower Pou

The last update for Pou, one of the most popular apps right now, has brought us a new room the bathroom.

Pearls and flowers for Pou

necklaces for Pou

After a couple of updates in which unique innovations were new games for Pou, Zake's team has decided to bring us another pair of customizable aspects for our favorite mascot.

Hop Pou

Hop for Pou alien

In the last update a new game appeared, this new game is called Hop.

A Pool for Pou

Pou Pool

One of the most entertaining aspects of Pou is the number of mini-games that has the application. With the passage of time have been added a few more to the original list, the latest is Pool, a nice game of refreshing aspect.

Happy 1st Birthday Pou!!!

Happy Birthday Pou!!! :) To commemorate it you will be able to get 1500 FREE coins everyday from Monday, August 5th until August 11th!

Get white skin color in Pou

White Skin Pou

One of the things that we like to do with Pou is buying him clothes and customize to our liking, but there are some elements that are not only blocked until you get to a certain level, they appear as "special" items that need to be unlock by performing certain achievements.

Update your Pou with Android

Lately do not stop get news in the form of update for Pou. The new room where Pou can speak, new food, clothing or some mini-games such as Connect Pou make many of you want to have these new qualities in the game. The problem is that not everyone knows how to update the game. We get some comments that directly asks about how get the Hall or the new mini-games.

Pou the new virtual pet

Pou Alien
The Zakeh has become one of the free applications more downloaded to Android devices.

The new virtual pet Pou is sweeping. Some years have passed already since the social phenomenon that was Tamagotchi, phenomenon that seems to turns to repeat. And is that who don't want to have a pet to care for and pamper aiming to see her happy?