Star popper, a fast game for Pou

how to play pou new game
Once more the Pou team arrives to loop the loop with a new mini-game. Star Popper, is a fast and addictive game to which we will play during a long time.

Pou Hoops

playing basketball
On March 26 arrivved a new update for Pou. It was one of those times that the update has reached after several weeks without any novelty for the app,

Jet Pou... another copy of Flappy Bird?

The last game appeared for Pou is Jet Pou. The way to play is very similar to Flappy Bird the app that has made a revolution around the world for a few weeks.

Pet Walk

Pet walk for Pou. New game

Any minigame had to leave more for the new pets for Pou. Just come Pet Walk. As you said his name is take a walk
our pet, for now we have a pig, a dog or a cat.

Pou got feet... and shoes

Pou trainers

Can you believe it? Pou doesn´t look like a potato anymore, now it got feet and can wear shoes.