Star popper, a fast game for Pou

how to play pou new game
Once more the Pou team arrives to loop the loop with a new mini-game. Star Popper, is a fast and addictive game to which we will play during a long time.

Easy to play, Star Popper has the same way to play that Popper for Pou. We'll have to launch minipous of colors to a great 'mass' central, in a way that 3 or more of the same color together they disappear and go to earn points.

In Popper this mass was at the top of the screen, in the Star version it is now in the Center and grows in all directions, so we will have to be careful that not hit any of the ends of the screen. At this time you would have lost the game.

Star Popper promises fun and coins for Pou, so do not hesitate and updates your app to get the latest news.

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