Pou Hoops

playing basketball
On March 26 arrivved a new update for Pou. It was one of those times that the update has reached after several weeks without any novelty for the app,
for what this one was expected to be a large update. At the end the thing has become a new mini-game for Pou. This is called Hoops, can you imagine what kind of game is it?

We face, a basket and a time limit in which we will have to score the maximum possible shots. In Hoops the ball will appears in different areas of the screen. It is at the time, and thanks to our touch screen, we will have to go the place that we want to launch.

So we touch the screen with our finger, and without releasing move it. Doing so will be shown a directional arrow. As with that arrow is how we choose the way of our shot toward the basket. Once let go toe the ball will shoot in the desired direction.

Remember also should take into account the angle of release. If you strip "too flat" it is possible that only hits to give the basket but not encentar the ball.

How many points are you able to get? Are you Lebron james? Play Pou Hoops and destroy the score. ^^

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