Pou the new virtual pet

Pou Alien
The Zakeh has become one of the free applications more downloaded to Android devices.

The new virtual pet Pou is sweeping. Some years have passed already since the social phenomenon that was Tamagotchi, phenomenon that seems to turns to repeat. And is that who don't want to have a pet to care for and pamper aiming to see her happy?

It's an almost minimalistic and easy to use application. On screen we will always have our mascot in the Center. At the top we can see coins we have, the level of our mascot and a series of indicators of hunger, health, fun and energy that will help us to know that you need our Pou in every moment. Below you will find a tab to change the 'room' in which we find ourselves. There are four different rooms:

Kitchen: here will be fed our pet food that we buy previously and found in our fridge.
Lab: As its name suggests, in the laboratory can make use of different potions that offers the game, of course, not all are cheap and here is where more coins will spend and also clean Pou.
Bedroom: place where sleep our little friend. In addition to making use of the Cabinet we can change its appearance.
Games: as you said his name, comes here to play. We have a ball that entertain our Pou, but the fun comes with the mini-games. Thanks to them we will get coins for the main game and we can also share our findings on social networks.

At the bottom of the screen the buttons to use in every room, such as the refrigerator, closet or tent.

It also has a screen of achievements that show has evolved our mascot and one of options, something limited in which to adjust the sound and some more minor detail.

So far neither seems really nothing beyond a pet to care for. But the greatest contribution of the Zakeh game is the creation of a "community Pou". At the time of creating your pet you have to enter your e-mail and put a name to our creature. This will be your nickname and from here as the competitiveness is that we all have inside, getting "likes" and get to have one of the most popular pets in the universe Pou. As not, also you could just search the virtual pets of your friends, or make new friends directly. A further step in the world of virtual pets, what will be the next?

For now only available for Android but its increase in popularity, announced that it will reach other systems coming soon.

A simple application but making it their trump to become playable and addictive. Join the phenomenon of the moment.

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