Black Pou

Black skin for pou

We already talked about how to unlock white Pou. The process wasn't too much hard but this time you will need to play lot of times to a more dificult game to get black skin for Pou.

How to unlock bee outfit?

unlock bee skin pou

There are some special outfits hard to get for Pou. This time we are talking about black and yellow bee skins. Are you good enough playing Pou Sounds?

New oufits, ladybug and butterfly

Pou ladybug and butterfly

Do not stop get news to Pou, the last two new outfits for our favorite virtual pet.

Pou store is here

The Zakeh team has decided to create a shop in which the virtual pet buy Pou-related articles. T-shirts, mugs, phone covers and other curious items can reach our hands in Exchange for a few dollars.
Pou Store website is simple and intuitive and we will not be difficult to guide us through it. Even though its only downside is that the image of the products does not seem too much quality and the price is not exactly "cheap.

Anyway we invite you to take a look. Perhaps there is something that interests you.