Get white skin color in Pou

White Skin Pou

One of the things that we like to do with Pou is buying him clothes and customize to our liking, but there are some elements that are not only blocked until you get to a certain level, they appear as "special" items that need to be unlock by performing certain achievements.

Update your Pou with Android

Lately do not stop get news in the form of update for Pou. The new room where Pou can speak, new food, clothing or some mini-games such as Connect Pou make many of you want to have these new qualities in the game. The problem is that not everyone knows how to update the game. We get some comments that directly asks about how get the Hall or the new mini-games.

Pou the new virtual pet

Pou Alien
The Zakeh has become one of the free applications more downloaded to Android devices.

The new virtual pet Pou is sweeping. Some years have passed already since the social phenomenon that was Tamagotchi, phenomenon that seems to turns to repeat. And is that who don't want to have a pet to care for and pamper aiming to see her happy?